Install docker on CentOS8

I write the process to install docker&docker-compose on CentOS8 for EC-CUBE. At first, I want to say that it is better that we install docker on CentOS7 in conclusion.

Vagrant problem: no response at “SSH auth method: private key”

I got a problem, the response does not come back from VM at "SSH auth method: private key", when I run vagrant up to sta...


I introduced this shop last time in Recommended drink shop, but I have visited HAPPY JUICE again... So, I want to introd...

Recommended drink shop

In this time, I want to write something about drink. Recently I knew one drink, Trà tắc!! and, .. I'm addicted to this d...

Where should we buy eyeglasses in Vietnam!?

Last day my glasses were broken, and I went to buy my glasses. In this article, I want to introduce about glasses in Vie...

How to disable comments in WordPress

In WordPress, the comment function is set ON as default. If we don't need the comment function, we can set OFF. I introd...