Where should we buy eyeglasses in Vietnam!?

Last day my glasses were broken, and I went to buy my glasses. In this article, I want to introduce about glasses in Vietnam.

At first, when I came in Vietnam, I did not know where I should buy glasses at all. However, now I got tips to buy glasses in the few years staying. I write the points here in brief.


  • Price:about 1,400,000VND(60USD)
    • lens:900,000VND (with blue light cut)
    • frame: 500,000VND
  • Place:Mắt Kính Salenoptic
    201 Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 6, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
  • Conclusion
    • A glasses shop, an eye doctor checks eyes and power of lenses, is better. I think the number is very few.
    • 500,000VND is enough for a frame.
    • We should ask blue light cut is inclued in the glasses price.
  • Other
    • If in Japan, you can buy reasonable glasses in JINS.
    • OWNDAYS is in Vietnam, but it is not reasonable.



Here is the place, where I bought my glasses.
Mắt Kính Salenoptic

Eye glass stores

When you go to an eye glass store, usually the staff checks your eye strength. However, I think it is best that an eye doctor tests your sight and arrange the strength of glasses. In case of a normal staff, the accuracy of sight test might not be good. We should not expect the service too much, so if possible, we are better to go to an eye glass store with an eye doctor! There is an eye doctor in the above store. The doctor is very hansom, and he can speack in English. So, it is no problem for foreigners. It takes 30,000VND for sight test.

Frame quality

I have bought glasses 3 times ever in Vietnam, but the all of glasses are broken into 2 parts at the center of the frames. So, I bought a good frame in this time. I selected 500,000VND frame after thinking 1 hour. It is strong a little bit compared to the last one. The elder staff recommended me high brand frame(made in Italy) while I’m thinking. I did not buy it because the frame was 3,000,000VND. It is no worth for me to live in Vietnam. I refused that politely.

Blue light cut

There are eye glass stores, where we can add blue light cut for lenses in free or not, in Vietnam. Last time I went to a store in district 4, HCMC. At that time, it was free, no charge. In this time, it is charged. I don’t remember the cost. You should ask whether blue light cut is included or not if you are necessary.